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Our key technologies for superior solutions

Key areas to apply AI

Our solutions using Large Language Models can transform your business in numerous ways, such as:

& virtual assistants

tasks automation

document analysis

content generation

Visual understanding
& recognition

Predictive analytics
& recommendations



Opt for full control:
Self-hosted LLM 

A self-hosted LLM offers a robust solution for organizations prioritizing privacy, security, and autonomy in using advanced language models. Our comprehensive services encompass:
  • Infrastructure configuration
  • Security protocol implementation
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Privacy compliance measures
  • Performance optimization strategies
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

From your data to outstanding results

By combining your knowledge base and data with deep learning algorithms, you can:

Amplify productivity and efficiency

Support decision-making

Get data-driven insights

Customize User Experience

Identify anomalies and risks

AI-powered Solutions

Code Narrator

Developer productivity tool. Leverages GPT4 to help document code, perform code review and suggest improvements, generate unit tests. Working on translating code from legacy languages (Java, PHP) to modern languages (Go, Python) to aid in migration to cloud.

Patient Charts

We have developed a natural language interface for medical professionals to interact with patient medical records. We are enhancing this capability by providing treatment recommendations using generative AI. 

Warehouse GPT

We engineered WarehouseGPT, a revolutionary solution for inventory and supply chain management. Leverage natural language search to query inventory, streamline workflows, and access executive summaries, trends, and analytics with unparalleled ease.


This tailored platform offers advanced tools to streamline processes and boost efficiency in recruitment strategies. HR-Chat can recommend training, mentoring and make recommendations based on past patterns to pick leaders from within the organization.

Trusted AI development experts

We provide tailored solutions and customized services always ensuring:

Total data control and security

On-time delivery

Cost efficiency

Scalable solutions

Tech expertise

Ongoing support

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